Is This the Most Epic 'Wheel of Fortune' Fail Ever?

Tennessee Williams will be spinning in his grave.

My kingdom for an "M"!

A contestant on Tuesday's episode of Wheel of Fortune managed to snatch defeat from the inviting jaws of victory while attempting to solve A Streetcar Named Desire, the famous Tennessee Williams play turned Marlon Brando classic movie — all for the sake of one letter.

With the letters A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE already spelled out for him, and with his opponent already eyeing the exit, the male contestant called out the fateful letter of "K." He said it with such confidence one might assume there was perhaps an experimental 1980s Eastern Bloc production of A Streetcar Naked Desire that very few people were clued in on.

Alas, it was not meant to be and his formerly dejected opponent claimed victory while he will have to face the ignominy of being that guy behind the most epic fail on Wheel of Fortune. 

Viewers had a field day with the flub on Twitter. Watch the moment and see the reactions on social media below.