Whistler: Watch as Jason Priestley Races Down an Olympic Bobsled Track

jason priestley whistler - H 2014
Mike Crane

jason priestley whistler - H 2014

"I kind of like racing bobsleds. Don't tell my wife," the 'Beverly Hills 90210' star says after a run

Beverly Hills 90210 star Jason Priestley loves speed, having raced cars with Paul Newman and driven powerboats.

Now the thrill-seeking Vancouver native has raced down the Olympic bobsledding track at nearby Whistler mountain at a top speed of 112 kilometers an hour, and around four Gs. In this clip, see what Priestley viewed as the Hollywood star shot down the Whistler track to discover what it takes to be an Olympic bobsledder.

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Watch as Priestley, who attended the Whistler Film Festival as its international ambassador, winds down 10 corners, including the final Thunderbird turn at the bottom of the track. It's not the banked oval track Priestley knows racing cars, but as much of an adrenaline rush.

"I kind of like racing bobsleds. Don't tell my wife," the Los Angeles-based actor said after his first run. Priestley, who keeps busy acting and directing TV dramas like ABC's Rookie Blue and NBC's The Night Shift, last year saw his feature directing debut, Cas & Dylan, which starred Tatiana Maslany and Richard Dreyfuss, open the Whistler Film Festival.