White Comedian Peddles Drugs to Cops to Prove White Privilege

Jessie Kahnweiler — H 2015

"Come on — let's get arrested!"

Comedian Jessie Kahnweiler tried to get herself arrested to prove that white people get preferential treatment from law enforcement. She tried to sell drugs directly to police officers — who helpfully informed her that it was illegal and told her she shouldn't do that.

"You guys look kind of sad; I'm selling my antidepressants," she told two uniformed officers. "Do you guys want to buy any?" She apologized and pretended to be confused then easily walked away.

Kahnweiler interviewed people on the street, policemen and the Los Angeles mayor about white privilege. One police officer told her he didn't even understand what white privilege was and said that if people don't want to get arrested, they should "just abide by the law."

Watch the comedian hug L.A. police Chief Charlie Beck, dance naked in the street and proposition Mayor Eric Garcetti — all while getting off scot-free.