White Int'l launches fleet of 'viral vans'

Mobile digital suite lets producers edit, upload inside vehicle

TORONTO -- Forget expensive honeywagons or 18-wheel production trucks.

Canadian camera equipment supply giant William F. White International has launched a fleet of "viral vans" for digital filmmakers that require less gear and more mobility on location shoots.

The compact production vans enable digital content producers to edit or upload content inside the vehicle, or assemble camera equipment.

The all-in-one digital suite on wheels comes as parent Comweb Group has launched a new Whites Interactive division to service local digital content production from studio shoots to run and gun productions.

Paul Bronfman, chairman and CEO of Whites-parent Comweb Group Inc. said the digital equipment supply business fills a market gap for young producers eyeing affordable production equipment in an evolving digital industry.

William F. White Toronto's recent film credits include the Morgan Creek thriller "Dream House" starring Daniel Craig, the CBS cop drama "The Bridge," and "Saw VII," now in post production.
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