Whitey Bulger's Santa Monica Apartment Up For Rent

The Boston crime kingpin who inspired Jack Nicholson's "The Departed" character hid there in plain sight for over a decade.

An unassuming two-bedroom apartment in Santa Monica that hid Boston mob boss James Joseph "Whitey" Bulger for over a decade is up for rent.  

Bulger was 81 when he was arrested with girlfriend Catherine Greig outside the Princess Eugenia apartment on June 22, 2011. Now the very unit that Bulger called home is available for $2950 a month -- far more than Bulger himself had paid during his rent-controlled stint there.

A notorious organized crime kingpin, Bulger has been indicted for 19 murders and inspired Jack Nicholson's Irish-American character Frank Costello in The Departed. His own story will be told in an upcoming biopic from Warner Bros. and Cross Creek Pictures, with Johnny Depp starring as Bulger.

Bulger had served in the 1970s as an informant to the FBI on the inner-workings of the Italian mafia, leading to a controversial deal that led the Bureau to turn a blind eye to his own criminal activities. In 1994, Bulger was tipped off to a pending indictment and went on the run, eluding authorities for the better part of two decades.

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After 16 years at large and 12 years of the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list, a tip placed by Anna Bjornsdottir, a former model and Miss Iceland 1974 living in Bulger's neighborhood, led authorities directly to him.

That he had been living in plain sight in one of L.A.'s safest upscale neighborhoods -- there were reports of him strolling the Third Street Promenade and Santa Monica Pier with some regularity -- shocked the world and embarrassed law enforcement.

Agents found $800,000 in cash, over 30 guns and fake identification documents when they stormed the modest, white-walled residence on 3rd St., which features beige carpeting throughout and a small brick fireplace. 

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Bulger went on trial in South Boston on June 12, 2013, charged with 32 counts of racketeering and complicity in 19 murders. Two months later, a jury found him guilty of 31 of the 32 counts and concluded that he had participated in the murders of 11 victims.

He was sentenced to two life terms, plus five years.