Brangelina Split: Who Gets Custody of Couple's Miraval Rose?

The Winebottle Miraval Rose 2012 - Getty -P 2016
Mathis Wienand/Getty Images

The Jolie-Pitts purchased Chateau Miraval in 2012 for $60 million.

As the Jolie-Pitt divorce focuses on custody of their kids, the rosé-drinking public holds its breath to learn the fate of Brad and Angelina's seventh offspring: baby Miraval Rosé, which the couple produced in 2012. Now 4 years old, Miraval is the toast of Hollywood — or at least of Beverly Hills at Sept. 24's al fresco "Tent Sale" at Wally's, where sales of the Provencal wine were reported to be brisk (though that could have been because its price was slashed from $25 to $17).

The Jolie-Pitts adopted the idea of making rosé when they purchased, for upward of $60 million, the 35-bedroom, 150-acre Chateau Miraval in 2012. They then partnered with the renowned Perrin family of Chateau Beaucastel to help with the winemaking on 90 acres of their estate. The first 1,000 cases reportedly sold out within hours in 2013. According to Vineyard Brands, Miraval's U.S. importer, between 80,000 and 90,000 cases were imported in 2016.

When asked how the Jolie-Pitt and Perrin partnership would be reconfigured — or worse, sold off — winemaker Marc Perrin declined comment. As did Christian Navarro, president of Wally's Beverly Hills, among the leading sellers of Miraval in the U.S. Paul Chevalier of Chateau d'Esclan's Whispering Angel — which outsells all other Provencal rosés in the U.S. by 4-to-1 — says, "I think the Perrin family will continue to make it."

In New York City, Union Square Wine & Spirits' David Hatzopoulos says people come in constantly to ask if they still have Miraval. "There's more interest than actual sales," he says, joking, "Someone suggested that we have a sale of half-bottle-sized Miravel splits!" 

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