Who Hates Donald Trump Most in Hollywood Now

Donald Trump - 2007
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From Seinfeld to Cher, the power players who have turned on the "Celebrity Apprentice"-mogul-turned potential presidential candidate.

Since launching his attack on President Obama, Donald Trump is racking up quite a list of enemies in traditionally left-leaning Hollywood. Below, a round-up:

Jerry Seinfeld He pulled out a charity event for Trump's son because he grew uncomfortable with Trump questioning Obama's citizenship. Trump lashed back at Seinfeld, saying that his NBC show The Marriage Ref was "terrible" and a bomb for the network. "I have no problem with him," Seinfeld just told Extra. "I just can't be with him."

David Letterman He says he might consider banning Trump from his late night CBS show until he apologizes for his attack on Obama. He even accused Trump of being racist: "It's all fun, it's all a circus, it's all a rodeo, until it starts to smack of racism. And then it's no longer fun."

Cher She Tweeted a slew of insults, calling him "a Pompous A--hole!" and "a complete idiot." She also wrote: "Donald Trump (mr chapter11) is Only a Mean Spirited BAD ACTOR who couldn't find his ass with both hands & a map … What ever u think of Pres.Obama Personally, he is The President of the Unites States & it's imperative to RESPECT The OFFICE."

Bob Schieffer, host of CBS' Face The Nation He implied Trump's a racist for insinuating that Obama may not have had the grades to get into Harvard. "That's just code for saying he got into law school because he's black," Schieffer said on CBS' Evening News Thursday. In a statement to TMZ, Trump fired back: "This is an ugly strain of racism that's running through this whole thing. That is a terrible statement for a newscaster to make. I am the last person that such a thing should be said about."

Robert DeNiro "I won't mention names, but certain people in the news the last couple weeks, just, what are they doing?" the actor-director told NBC’s Brian Williams after Trump publicly questioned Obama's citizenship. "It's crazy. They're making statements about people that they don't even back up. Go get the facts before you start saying things about people." Trump fired back, saying DeNiro isn't "the brightest bulb on the planet."

Tracy Morgan
After Trump demanded to see Obama's his birth certificate, the 30 Rock star told PopEater: "Tell him I've got it and it's in Brooklyn, and if he wants to see it come and get it. Let's see if his a— will come down to Brooklyn and get it. He needs to leave the President alone, he's the President. Come on, man, nobody got no time for Donald Trump. Go build buildings, go play with your Lego set. We don't give any credence to that."

Glenn Beck: The conservative TV personality, who recently announced he is ending his Fox News Channel show, appeared on FNC's The O'Reilly Factor earlier this month to discuss Trump's presidential aspirations. "He's made me a little uncomfortable here recently," Beck said, adding that "the last thing the country needs is a showboat." He also took issue with the extremity of Trump's birther claims. "There is something reasonable to, you know, a reasonable conversation if you don't believe that he has a birth certificate," Beck said. "You can say, 'I don't believe he has a birth certificate.' But then he goes into 'I do not believe he has a birth certificate' and then he releases one that's worse than Obama's. And then he comes back and he says, on your program, 'He might be a Muslim too.' I'm like, come on!"

Lawrence O'Donnell:Last week, the MSNBC host called Trump "the racists' greatest hero" over his birther stance. According to the Huffington Post, O'Donnell argued that Trump "must realize by now" that, while some of the "hatred" Ameicans feel toward Obama is policy-based, "probably even more of it ... is based on simple old-fashioned racism." He added: "Millions of this country's most virulent racists now feel they have someone they could vote for for president. ... They hope that he is every bit as racist as they are. ... Donald Trump may not be a racist, but he is now the racists' greatest hero. He is their frontman."

Whoopi Goldberg: Trump angrily debated with the hosts of The View last month about Obama not being an American citizen. (He said he didn't need to talk about The Celebrity Apprentice because "ratings are through the roof.") "Why doesn't he show his birth certificate? I wish he would," Trump said on the ABC talk show. Co-host Goldberg became increasingly agitated, rolling her eyes and sighing loudly. "It's the biggest pile of dog mess I've heard in ages!" she said. "It's not because he's black, is it? I've never heard of any white president who had to show his birth certificate. That's BS!" Trump later called her comments "insulting" and said his opinion had nothing to do with race.