Fashion's New "It" Boy Is a 22-Year-Old Vine Star

Cameron Dallas - Getty - P 2016
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Cameron Dallas - Getty - P 2016

Here's everything you need to know about Cameron Dallas.

On Wednesday, Calvin Klein unveiled an Olympic soccer team's worth of fall 2016 campaign stars.

Nestled somewhere between fashion legends like Grace Coddington and Kate Moss, veteran models Bella Hadid and Anna Ewers and all-stars Frank Ocean and Margot Robbie was a name that's a little less familiar to the over-25 set: Cameron Dallas. 

The 22-year-old California native, who rose to tween heartthrob status after gaining a coveted Gen Z following on Vine (9.4 million followers) and Instagram (15.7 million followers), has become the go-to liaison for high fashion brands seeking favor with a younger crowd.

The luxury fashion houses first got a taste of Dallas' international influence earlier this year when his presence in Milan for Men's Fashion Week caused a riot, with devoted fans flooding the streets for the chance at an IRL glimpse of his gravity-defying coif.


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Since then, Dallas has snatched campaigns left and right — modeling for Calvin Klein and Balmain Homme, sharing a cover of Teen Vogue with fellow good-looking young person Anwar Hadid and sitting front row at Dolce & Gabbana's spring 2017 men's show. 

But who is this boy (man?) with the razor-sharp cheekbones and year-round tan? We did our homework get you up to speed on everything you need to know about fashion's hottest internet celebrity. 

1. He is famous for making viral Vine videos in which he pranks friends and family.
Dallas joined YouTube in 2012, but started gaining a following when he joined the six-second video-sharing platform in 2013. 

2. He hails from Chino Hills, Calif. 
Hence the year-round tan. 

3. He is signed with WME
Dallas signed with William Morris Endeavor in 2015. 

4. He starred in a movie about a high school prankster. 
Talk about life imitating art and all that.

5. He's currently on a world tour with other internet celebrities. 
And there's merch!

6. He once got an allergy shot in the butt and posted it on Instagram
Because this is the world we live in.