Who Is Charlie Sheen’s ‘Media Adviser’ Bob Maron?

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The scoop on the man being featured in the disturbing episodes of “Sheen’s Korner.”

In the latest installment of Sheen’s Korner, the actor, 45, devotes his entire show to a speakerphone conversation with a man named “Bob” (who may or may not know that he is being streamed on the Web).

“Bob” is Robert Maron, and he is now being dubbed Sheen’s “media adviser” by some blogs. 
THR has the scoop on Sheen’s secret right-hand man:
1. He’s a watch salesman.
In 1996,  Maron became one of the first dealers to sell luxury watches online through his own website, an idea he conceived during UCLA Law School in the early 90s, according to his website bio. He is an active member of the International Watch & Jewelry Guild (IWJG) as well as the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC). On his Twitter page, Maron - who is married with kids and living in Southern California - describes himself as a “juggler.”
2. He and Sheen go way back.
"Charlie and me have been buddies for a long time," Maron told Mathew Blades of Phoenix radio station Mix 96.9 last week. "He’s my mate. I'm a guy that sells pretty important watches, and he's got pretty good taste, so we've done business together for quite awhile. We're also pretty good friends."
3. He was the first person Sheen followed on Twitter.
Internet reports have claimed that Maron is actually the person Tweeting for Sheen, but neither have confirmed those reports. One thing is certain: Maron is playing a role in Sheen’s endorsement deals. In an episode of Sheen’s Korner, Maron is heard telling Sheen that the actor has secured an endorsement deal via Twitter with Internships.com, "They want to Tweet at 1 o'clock today. It's a record-breaker, it's at least six figures," Maron tells him. Sheen’s responds, "As it should be. We're still getting j-j-jipped!"
4. Sheen has  consulted him before about his partying.
Maron told Mix 96.9 the actor phoned him “several weeks ago ... and said, ‘I’m done, party’s over. I am shutting it down.’ He has the amazing capacity to turn it off... My hat’s off to him for that.”
5. He didn’t foresee Sheen getting fired.
“I predict that Charlie Sheen will be back,” Maron declared last week when asked about Sheen’s future on Two and a Half Men. On Monday, Warner Bros. Television announced Sheen’s employment has been terminated.