Who Remembers Product Placement


Products are seamlessly integrated into scripted TV, But how much do viewers actually remember what they see? A just-released Nielsen study ranks the most-recalled in-program placements on scripted broadcast shows in February.

1. Castle (ABC, Feb. 7): Ferrari                      
Beckett drives a car after Castle explains that it is a high-performance vehicle.

2. House (Fox, Feb. 28): Vicodin          
Foreman tells Taub he found medication in Bert’s office.

3. Mike & Molly (CBS, Feb. 14): Red Hots          
Mike orders and picks up a Valentine’s Day cake with candies on top.

4. Glee (Fox, Feb. 15): L’il Critters          
Sue pretends to overdose on the gummy vitamins.

5. Harry’s Law (NBC, Feb. 7): Ugg          
Harry and Jenna open boot boxes while discussing Tommy Jefferson.

6. Bones (Fox, Feb. 3): Toyota          
Brennan tells Booth about her car’s adaptive cruise control.

7. Chuck (NBC, Feb. 21): Mercedes-Benz          
A car sits outside while Vivian, Chuck and Sarah hide from Boris’ gunfire.

8. Glee (Fox, Feb. 8): Jared jewelers
Santana tells Puck she bought jewelry and shows it to him.

9. Parenthood (NBC, Feb. 8): Apple          
Jasmine and her mother use a laptop while planning her wedding.

10. Glee (Fox, Feb. 6): Gatorade          
A Gatorade G cooler is on a table at a football game.