Who Should Play Steve Jobs in the Biopic?

Tom Munnecke/Getty Images

Sony reportedly paid $1 million for rights to Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs, so THR asked veteran casting director Sharon Bialy (Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead) about some potential leading men


Ashton Kutcher: The actor-capitalist is a ringer. "But looking exactly like the person isn't the most important thing," Bialy says.

Andrew Garfield: "He's young enough and he's skilled enough to be a character actor in a leading man's body," she says.

Shia Labeouf: He's not a ringer. "Hair and makeup can do a lot," Bialy says. "You just want to suspend disbelief."


Keanu Reeves: "He might be more associated with an action hero," says Bialy, who cast him in Point Break.

Ralph Fiennes: "Jobs was brilliant. You want an actor whose intelligence shines through in everything he does," she says.

Noah Wyle: He played Jobs in a 1999 TV movie. "In a feature," she says, "you look to actors who work in features more."