Who Could Replace Katie Couric on 'CBS Evening News'?

Insiders have pointed to three names within the company -- but CBS News chief Jeff Fager is also looking to hire an outsider.

Katie Couric is unlikely to renew her contract with CBS Evening News once it ends in June, instead opting to launch a syndicated show and possibly an online parternship with AOL or Yahoo. Three names have been floated as possible replacements by the Associated Press and other outlets -- but CBS News chief Jeff Fager is also looking outside the company.

1. Harry Smith
Smith was ousted as co-host of the CBS Early Show in November 2010 after 4,500 episodes. A senior correspondent at CBS, he is Couric's main fill-in on the Evening News, as well as CBS News Face The Nation and CBS News Sunday Morning. He also hosts the daily Just a Minute on the CBS News Radio Network.

2. Russ Mitchell
Mitchell was named the national correspondent for CBS News in January 2010. He anchors the Sunday edition of the Evening News and is a correspondent for CBS News Sunday Morning. He was ousted as news reader on CBS Early Show in November 2010.

3. Scott Pelley
Pelley has been a 60 Minutes correspondent since 1994. Before that, he was a correspondent for 60 Minutes II, and Chief White Correspondent for the CBS Evening News. He's been at the network for 21 years.

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