NYFW: Whoopi Goldberg's Grandkids Won't Give Back Her Gypsy Sport Gear

Whoopi Goldberg NYFW - H 2016
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Whoopi Goldberg NYFW - H 2016

According to the actress and TV host, "They're like, 'We love this. Bye!'"

When Whoopi Goldberg shows up at a fashion show, you can bet photographers, cameramen and devoted fans alike will swarm around the Oscar-winning actress.

Such was the case on Tuesday afternoon at the Gypsy Sport fall 2016 runway show at Made by Milk Studios, where The View host was surrounded by folks who couldn't wait to take photos with her. Despite the overwhelming crowd, Goldberg didn't seem annoyed with the selfies and even took time to chat with a number of her adoring fans.

She wasn't just attending designer Rio Uribe's presentation for the photographs, of course. Instead, Goldberg stepped out to support the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Winner of 2015 (an honor shared with designers Jonathan Simkhai and Brother Vellies' Aurora James) because, as she simply put it, "I like their clothing."

"They sent me something to put on — they sent me a couple of tops, and my grandkids stole them from me, so I knew that I was on to something," said Goldberg, smiling.

According to the comedian, Gypsy Sport's designs can be worn at any age.

The unisex pieces that hit the runway this season included patchwork pieces, lace outfits, satin tracksuits and ruffle crop-tops.

"The great thing that I said to somebody else is, 'The best thing about them is you can wear them no matter how old you are and you're not overstepping.' You know how some ladies get to a certain age and you think, 'Take that off. That's not for you.' Well, you can wear any of their clothes," she continued. "And you don't ever feel like you shouldn't be in it. And I like that."

Goldberg — who is no stranger to the front row (remember when she attended at least six shows one season?) — said she doesn't have much planned for the rest of fashion week, but supporting Uribe was important because "I love these guys and I think they're great, so I felt I needed to come out for them."

Indeed, it was a special show, as the pregnant model who walked last season reappeared on Tuesday — but this time, closing the show while holding on to her newborn.

GYPSY (SPORT) BABY: A model with her baby on the Gypsy Sport fall 2016 runway. (Photo: Getty Images)

Speaking of kids, we couldn't help but wonder: Did Goldberg ever end up getting those tops back from them?

"Never got anything back," she declared. "You know my grandkids are in their 20s and late teens, so they're like, 'We love this. Bye!'"

And yes, they're still asking if she has anymore Gypsy Sport gear for them. But now Goldberg knows better than to tell them that she does.

"Yes, but I lie now," joked the 60-year-old. "I don't tell them I have anything." Good call.