Whoopi Goldberg Changes Stance on Bill Cosby: All Information "Points to Guilt"

Whoopi Goldberg - H 2015
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Whoopi Goldberg - H 2015

Whoopi Goldberg says she didn't understand there are statutes of limitations on rape cases.

Whoopi Goldberg has been steadfast in her defense of Bill Cosby as "innocent until proven guilty" in regards to all of the rape and sexual assault allegations against him. On Tuesday, she invited legal analyst Dan Abrams on to The View to help her understand the legal side of rape cases, since she has been "taking a lot of heat" for her defense of Cosby.

Goldberg changed her opinion on Cosby in the course of her conversation with Abrams, who explained that there is a statute of limitations on rape, therefore Cosby's alleged victims can't take him to court since it has been too long since the alleged assault occurred.

"I always thought that rape cases were open-ended," said Goldberg, adding that was a shock to her to discover otherwise. "You're saying that all that is left to these women is the court of public opinion."

After Abrams confirmed this, Goldberg said, "What we have learned is there's no recourse for these women except what they're doing."

She then went on to change her stance on Cosby. "If this is to be tried in the court of public opinion, I got to say all of the information that's out there kind of points to guilt.

"I always thought they would have the opportunity to take him to court," she said, to explain the reason she was so adamant about not proclaiming him guilty in the past.

"You've got a serial rapist, he's been on the streets for 30 years," said Goldberg. "I have to say I thought that, ‘Yeah, here's all the information, take his ass to jail. I find out from you that that's not possible. So I can't say anymore ‘innocent until proven guilty,' I can't say that anymore, because there's no way to prove it."