Whoopi Goldberg, Psy Tweet About Hurricane Sandy Fallout

New Twitter Logo - H 2012

New Twitter Logo - H 2012

"Got a few hours of sleep & largely dried out," CNN's Ali Velshi says on Twitter as he returns to work early Tuesday.


Whoopi Goldberg and Korean pop star Psy were among celebrities who tweeted about the Hurricane Sandy experience late Monday and early Tuesday.

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"Gangnam Style" star Psy said he was set to fly to Canada, but his plane schedule was affected by the storm. "Planes to Toronto are canceled," he tweeted late Monday. "Waiting for next availabilities. Please be safe everybody in the east coast!!!"

In the early Tuesday morning hours, he wrote an update. "Finally on my way to Toronto!!!" he said, without detailing what his plans for Toronto were.

Whoopi Goldberg took to Twitter before Sandy hit the East Coast to say: “Here's hoping we all make it thru the storm better people, friends, mothers fathers sisters & brothers& greatfull for days the days we have.”

Overnight, she wrote about the storm's effect on New York City: "This wind and rain caused a building facade2 fall off, many w/out power, transformers on electric poles r popping trees down EVERYWHERE."

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And she added: ""Yea it's crazy here!!" But in response to a Twitter question how she was doing, the actress said: "I'm ok."

Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian had been among those celebrities wishing their friends and fans on the East Coast good luck as the hurricane hit.

"Everyone dealing with the hurricane up north be safe," Bieber wrote. And Kardashian tweeted: "All my friends from NYC are sending me pics of this storm. Praying for everyone on the East Coast! I hope everyone is safe!"

CNN reporter Ali Velshi, who has become one of the faces of the Hurricane Sandy coverage, reported back for duty in the Tuesday morning hours.

"OK, got a few hours of sleep & largely dried out," he said on Twitter. "Back on @CNN 7aET."