Whoopi Goldberg Talks Harassment in Hollywood, Gun Ownership

Whoopi Goldberg on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Screen shot-H 2017
Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

During an appearance on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,' 'The View' co-host gave her thoughts on Harvey Weinstein's Academy removal and what she thinks is at the root of sexual misconduct.

During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday, Whoopi Goldberg addressed the recent wave of sexual assault and harassment claims against powerful Hollywood figures. 

After admitting she wasn’t surprised by the volume of women coming forward, Goldberg argued that any act of sexual misconduct is about "power." Goldberg explained, “People in power, be they men or women, always prey on people who they know won’t tell.”

When Colbert interjected that he “hadn’t heard of any women in this one,” The View co-host said she wouldn’t rule out the possibility.

“Not yet, but you know it's coming. It’s all coming and what’s happening is women are taking back the narrative, because they’re saying, ‘Look, we’re going to make it dangerous for you to sexually assault us and sexually abuse us…’ You’re going to lose your power base if you do that from now on, because women are starting to speak,” Goldberg said. 

Alluding to the Kevin Spacey allegedly making a sexual advance at Anthony Rapp when he was 14 years old, Goldberg said that harassment claims aren’t only limited to women speaking up.

“Gay folks are coming out saying, ‘Hey, this happened to me too.’ So it’s an issue that isn’t about sexuality. It’s about power,” Goldberg explained. “And when you prey on the weak, the stronger of us have to stand with the weak and say, ‘We got your back’ and that’s what’s happening now. I think it’s great.”

Goldberg, who is a member of the board of the Motion Picture Academy, viewed Harvey Weinstein's removal from the Academy as a step in rewriting the “rules of engagement.”

“I think they were able to say ‘we are aware, and we don’t think this is okay,’” Goldberg said of the decision. Adding, “But, you know, everyone is talking now. It’s on the tips of everybody’s tongue. Let’s see how long this lasts, because people hear about stuff and that’s the thing they’re talking about and then something else happens and everything disappears. Let’s get all of that done and then rewrite the rules of engagement. So we can decide how to do stuff."

Colbert also asked Goldberg for her thoughts on gun ownership in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre. 

“Actually, I’m a gun owner, babe,” Goldberg revealed to Colbert. “I also believe in a woman’s right to choose.  We can be lots of different things in one body, which is what I encompass.”

Although she owns a gun, Goldberg insisted that she doesn't want to “do anything odd.”  “You can check all my stuff. Come and find out what I’m doing, where I bought stuff, because I want you to know that I’m not trying to do anything odd with my gun,” Goldberg said.

Still the View co-host doesn’t think it’s a “good idea” for those with mental disabilities to have access to weapons. “If your senator or congressperson voted for the idea that people with mental disabilities should have guns maybe you want to re-think if that’s the person you want representing you, because I don’t know if it’s a good idea,” Goldberg said.  

Switching gears to discuss their duties of commenting on the daily news cycle on their respective shows, Colbert asked Goldberg whether she was tired of discussing the “big orange whale” that has “swallowed the news cycle” over the past two years. Goldberg admitted that she was, but believed in taking action, rather than complaining.

“I look away from the news and the discussion. You can bitch as much as you want to, but unless you’re willing to change the things which surround this man, be it a great Republican or great Democrat who’s decided to do people instead of party. Those are the people you have to celebrate and those are the people you have to keep in place, because those are the people who are actually doing stuff for the people. It’s about the people. It’s not about the party."