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Industry writers and execs are a-Twitter over Jeff Zucker's announcement on Friday that he's stepping down as head of NBC Universal. Following are some of the Tweets sent after the news broke.

"Modern Family" producer (and executive producer of NBC's short-lived "Coupling") Danny Zuker: "Jeff Zucker weighing options. He's had many offers but not sure which company he will destroy next."

And then:

"Jeff Zucker leaving NBC to search Middle Earth for his 'precious.' "

"Daily Show" writer Tim Carvell: "Great news! I just got my tickets for Jeff Zucker's 'Legally Prohibited From Running a TV Network' Tour"

TV writer Eric Haywood: "Now I get it. The 'event' that #NBC told us was coming turned out to be Jeff Zucker's employment termination."

A random, anonymous self-proclaimed writer-producer: "Jeff Zucker CEO of NBC/U on his tenure: 'It has been a great run and I've been incredibly fortunate.' As usual, he got that HALF RIGHT."
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