WHV boss sees HD future

But lack of channels still a concern

Warner Home Video boss Ron Sanders said Thursday that the home entertainment industry is on the edge of an explosion in high-definition software sales but needs to ensure that it has the manufacturing capacity to meet demand.

Addressing more than 300 delegates at the 16th annual PEVE home entertainment conference, Sanders said the opportunity offered by the installed base of HD televisions has yet to be fully exploited, particularly in Europe, where he described the number of HD channels on offer as "paltry."

"We are going from 39 million homes with HDTVs in Europe last year to 139 million by 2012. That is an enormous opportunity if we can convert those home into buyers of high-def DVDs," he said.

The key opportunity in the short-term, Sanders added, lies with PlayStation 3 owners.

He praised Sony's efforts to market the PS3 as a movie player, saying that advertising in the U.S. has caused a healthy spike in Blu-ray disc sales and that the campaign is now rolling out around the world.