Why Apple Yanked a Popular MP3 Downloader From Its App Store

The company pulls Any Music Downloader after it becomes the No. 1 iPhone app.

Apple on Tuesday pulled a music downloader from its App Store after it became the best-selling iPhone app, Wired.com reported.

Any Music Downloader allowed customers to search for any MP3 online, download them to their iPhone drive and then listen to the songs on the AMD player.

AMD was available for $2, but the benefit to customers was that they could find and download songs for free. The application proved popular, surpassing Angry Birds to become the No. 1 app in Apple's App Store on Tuesday.

But Apple yanked it from the App Store amid concerns that AMD might be illegal. For example, it's possible the app could lead to consumers downloading potentially pirated material.

Apple didn't respond to Wired.com's request for comment.