Why Is Netflix Not Working? Twitter Explodes With Emotions Over Outages

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Twitter users took to social media to comfort each other after Netflix went down for more than an hour.

Streaming service Netflix stopped working for many users on Tuesday, with outages that lasted more than an hour for some people.

A Netflix representative tells THR: "An outage that affected many of the devices that stream Netflix in North America and South America started at about 3:40 p.m. Pacific on Tuesday, Feb. 3., with a lesser effect on devices in Europe. Service was restored to most Netflix members in under an hour. Our engineers are still investigating the cause."

Users experiencing error messages while using the site jumped on Twitter to see if the problem was widespread, and "My Netflix" quickly began trending.

Some users were able to get past the log-in screen, pick a TV series title and head to a specific episode, but they were then greeted with an error message:

Other users weren't able to load the home page on their computer or received a message saying Netflix was having some issues. Some lucky Netflix users were able to use the streaming service without any problems during the outage.

Here's what people said on Twitter:

When Netflix returned for some users, they expressed their glee:

Users who apparently never experienced outages at all bragged about their luck:

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