Why Larry King Charged a $600 Meal to Steve Levitan's Credit Card

King tells THR about the gag he pulled on the "Modern Family" co-creator.

This story first appeared in the Aug. 15 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Larry King reeled in quite the whopper on a lakefront holiday in the Muskoka region of Ontario, Canada: Steve Levitan's credit card. On July 26, King came into possession of the Modern Family co-creator's lost Visa after his vacay host -- Canadian businessman Stan Bharti -- found it floating in a Ziploc along with $204 in cash. Both King and his wife, Shawn, then tweeted at Levitan (who had been staying at actress Catherine O'Hara's home in the area) about their lucky catch.

While they waited for Levitan to send someone to fetch the card, the group decided to "have a little fun," King tells THR. They got a server at local Italian eatery Teca to charge their $559.91 dinner on Levitan's card, then tweeted again. "We did it as a gag," King laughs. "We were going to pay it back, but [Levitan's] wife refused. They wanted to buy us dinner for returning the card." 

Levitan gets the last laugh, though. "It's so weird because 12 pounds of corned beef and some red suspenders washed up where I was staying," Levitan tellsTHR. "I just hope this is the last Hollywood Reporter story with my name and the phrase 'washed up.' "