Why Matt Damon Was at Naeem Khan's Fall 2013 Fashion Show: Beaded Dresses for 'Myself'

Matt Damon Luciana Barroso at Naeem Khan Fall 2013 - P 2013
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Matt Damon Luciana Barroso at Naeem Khan Fall 2013 - P 2013

The actor not only admires Khan's work but also has a good sense of humor about his upcoming role in "Liberace."

Usually when one sees an A-list actor sitting in the prestigious front row at a New York fashion show, they’re shopping for gifts for a new girlfriend. Or they're researching a movie role.

But Matt Damon, spotted in the front row at the Naeem Khan Fall 2013 show on Wednesday, had a different reason. 

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Damon, who was there with his wife, Luciano Barroso, eyed the elaborate gowns with open backs, high collars, keyhole necklines, long sleeves, sequins, velvet, gold threads and intricate prints. One of the beaded gold gowns even elicited a loud "wow" from the actor.

“Naeem (Khan) is my friend, and we go on vacation together, and I've known him for a few years now,"  the actor explained to New York Fashion Week founder Fern Mallis during her new Sirius XM radio show called Fashion Insiders. "My wife and I just love him … He’s such a wonderful guy. Luckily, we love his clothes too, because that would be really tough ...”

Mallis joked, “So you have all sorts of beaded jackets in your closet?”

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Damon, who plays the younger boyfriend of the flamboyant performer Liberace in the upcoming HBO biopic , Behind the Candleabra, starring Michael Douglas, grinned. “Yes, I do ... I like the beaded dresses, myself, the most. They are the most comfortable.”

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Then he got seriously complimentary, saying: “I can say, nobody has ever made my wife look more beautiful. His stuff is just so elegant and glamorous and just amazing, I love the way that it falls. I am obviously not known for my fashion sensibility, but I have really come to appreciate it more through knowing Naeem.”

Mallis acknowledged,  “He loves women and knows how to make them feel like a million dollars in his clothes.”

"And nobody has ever made the first lady look better," added Damon.