Why Paris Jackson Walked Out of the Dior Show

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"I did not 'storm out' of the show," the star explains.

Paris Jackson did indeed walk out during Dior's show over the weekend to protest its treatment of animals. But she wants everyone to know she didn't "storm out," as was reported in the media. 

Here's what happened: On Friday, Dior presented its Diorodeo collection at Chateau de Chantilly, held inside Europe’s largest stables. The Resort 2019 collection was inspired by the Mexican tradition of Escaramuza, an equestrian sport. 

The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Jackson, an up-and-coming model/actress who has attended Dior events before, including the Dior Sauvage launch last month in Joshua Tree, got up and walked out of the show once horses came into the arena: "Paris Jackson arrived in a patchwork dress and red velvet sandals, but pulled a Kristen Stewart-in-Cannes move and removed her high heels before entering the show space barefoot. The vocal animal rights activist then stood up and left as soon as the horses entered the arena, appearing to be upset by the large crowd and loud music." 

THR reached out to Dior and Jackson for comment on Tuesday, but instead Jackson took to Twitter to address the controversy herself.

Jackson wrote that she tried not to draw attention to herself, but her leaving was in fact in protest of animal cruelty. However, she was sure to clarify that she doesn't want "enemies in the fashion world in any way." Jackson later posted on Instagram that she ditched Dior for a photoshoot in the Parisian rain.

The daughter of late singer Michael Jackson has indeed been outspoken about her beliefs in the past, calling out fans for photoshopping her skin tone to make her look lighter or darker. She made her TV debut on Fox's drama Star last year and her feature film debut in Gringo in March. 


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