Why People Are Wearing Safety Pins Following Trump's Win

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"#Safetypin I'm an ally...All those exposed to hate and violence, you're not alone...."

No, it's not a fashion statement, there is deeper meaning. 

A movement has started in the U.S. of people wearing a safety pin in order to demonstrate they do not believe in the campaign rhetoric of Donald Trump, which has been called racist and xenophobic.

The safety pin is a way of showing they are a safe space for those who are afraid, many of whom are minorities. 

Even celebrities, such as Patrick Stewart, are joining the movement, which reportedly began over the summer in England following Brexit, also as a way to show refugees and immigrants they had friends.

There have been numerous reports from around the country of harassment and intimidation of minorities since Tuesday's presidential election. 

There have also been nightly protests around the country by those bucking the Trump election results. 

Trump issued two statements on Twitter on Thursday night and then Friday morning. The first tweet criticized the protesting. The second tweet celebrated the passion. 

See examples of the safety pin moment and Trump's tweets below. 


#Safetypin I'm an ally... All those exposed to hate and violence, you're not alone...

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