Why 'Phantom Thread' Stars Daniel Day-Lewis and Lesley Manville Made for "Very Good Siblings"

Courtesy of Laurie Sparham/Focus Features

The two Oscar nominees had run in the same circles for decades but only met when they signed on for the film.

Day-Lewis is known for his obsessive work as an actor, involving himself with every aspect of production and staying in character for the length of every shoot. In what the 60-year-old has said will be his last role, he channeled that intensity into Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread, starring as Reynolds Woodcock, a passionate designer whose work comes before any of the women in his life, including muse Alma (Vicky Krieps) and sister Cyril (Lesley Manville). Manville, who scored a supporting actress nomination for her role, recalls their collaboration.

“We grew up in London in the ’80s and the early part of the ’90s, so we had a big crossover of friends, but we never actually met,” she says. “I was asked to do Phantom Thread seven months before shooting began, so we got to know each other during that time. Our relationship was instantly easy, which boded very well to be Reynolds and Cyril, who have been lifelong companions and are very comfortable with each other, comfortable in silence with each other. We really get on, and we share an enormous sense of humor. We ended up being very good siblings.”

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