Widow of Slain TSA Agent Suing LAX for $25 Million

AP Photo/Nick Ut

Ana Machuca was a Warner Bros. executive at the time of husband Gerardo Hernandez's death at the hands of a lone shooter at the airport

The widow of TSA officer Gerardo Hernandez, who was killed by a gunman at LAX last year, is suing the airport as well as the city and county of Los Angeles.

Ana Machuca filed a $25 million wrongful death lawsuit on Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court on behalf of herself and her children, the Associated Press reported. Machuca was the Warner Bros. worldwide marketing budgets manager at the time of Hernandez's death. 

Machuca's lawsuit names Los Angeles World Airports (the operators of LAX), the Los Angeles Airport Police, the city of Los Angeles, the LAPD, the Los Angeles Fire Department and Los Angeles County. 

TSA officer Hernandez, 39, was shot several times by Paul Ciancia and killed in the line of duty at LAX on Nov. 1 2013. Cianca has been accused of opening fire at a security checkpoint of LAX's Terminal 3 and killing Hernandez and injuring three others. Cianca then exchanged gunfire with LAX police and the LAPD inside the terminal building before being wounded in the chest and taken into custody.

Ciancia has been charged with first-degree murder, with his trial date set for Dec. 8. 

In March, the city of Los Angeles released an 83-page report about the shooting that outlined clear communication and coordination problems that hindered emergency response teams at the airport.

Machuca's suit alleges that LAX failed in its duty to properly train and supervise security and emergency response personnel, failures that led to Hernandez not receiving medical treatment for more than 30 minutes after being shot. This delay, the suit alleges, was a contributing factor to Hernandez's death.

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