Wife of Rovio Exec Wears Angry Birds-Themed Evening Gown to Gala

Matti Matikainen

Teija Vesterbacka attended an event at the Finnish Presidential Palace dressed in a red frock resembling the addictive video game.

Who says Angry Birds and black tie can’t mix?

Teija Vesterbacka, wife of Rovio CMO Peter Vesterbacka, showed up at the Finnish Presidential Palace for an event on Dec. 6 draped head to toe in Angry Birds. Rovio, a Finnish computer game developer, brought the addictive cell phone game to life back in Dec. 2009.

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To anyone unfamiliar with the mobile fad, Teija’s red one-shouldered gown could pass for an artistic, geometrical design. For those who have not been living under a rock for the past two years, the bust features the unmistakable glare of the game’s Red Bird.

Peter wore a classic tuxedo to the event -- a far cry from his typical apparel of, according to Tech Crunch, his trusty Angry Birds sweatshirt.

The Castle Ball, held each year in honor of the country’s Independence Day, is broadcast on national TV with approximately 2,000 guests in attendance.

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