WikiLeaks Says It Has Added Thousands of Hacked Sony Emails to Database

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The whistleblower site made the announcement on Twitter.

WikiLeaks took to Twitter on Thursday to announce the addition of thousands more hacked Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) emails to its searchable database. 

WikiLeaks, the whistleblower website set up by Julian Assange, has already published more than 30,000 documents and 170,000 emails from SPE, obtained from a hack that was linked to North Korea in a preemptive and ultimately unsuccessful move to block the studio's release of The Interview.

The WikiLeaks SPE emails database has yielded revelations such as how Ben Affleck requested his slave-owner ancestry be censored from the PBS program Finding Your Roots

SPE lawyer David Boies sent a letter to news organizations earlier this month asking them to ignore documents WikiLeaks published thus far. The letter was similar to one sent in December which warned news outlets not to share information gleaned from the hack posted, at the time, on Pastebin. 


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