'Wild' Director Jean-Marc Vallee Overseeing Assistant's Directing Debut

Brenden Meyer Headshot - P 2014
Francis Bertrand

Brenden Meyer Headshot - P 2014

"The Guest" actor Brendan Meyer is starring in the dramatic short

Jean-Marc Vallee, the filmmaker behind the awards buzz-generating Reese Witherspoon drama Wild, is taking time to quietly work a side project.

Vallee is executive producing Everybody’s Been Burned, a dramatic short that is being directed by Andrew Saunderson. Saunderson was Vallee’s assistant on Wild, and Vallee is mentoring the man as he strikes on his own.

The short stars Brendan Meyer, who is poised for a breakthrough with a key role in The Guest, Adam Wingard’s action throwback starring Dan Stevens that opened Wednesday.

Burned is a character piece that sees Meyer as a kid from a broken home, with no family and no direction. The movie tracks the lost boy through one day as he searches for a purpose in his life and a way to rise above his situation.

It starts shooting this weekend.

Vallee is promoting Wild and this week began shooting his latest drama, Demolition, which stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts.

Meyer’s other credits include appearances in R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour and the CW show The 100. He is repped by Gersh.