Dimension Sows 'Pretty in Pink' Director Howard Deutch's 'Wild Oats'

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The Weinstein Company's genre label picks up domestic distribution for the comedy, which is being described as "a cross between 'Sideways' and 'Thelma and Louise'."

Although the Weinsteins haven’t announced what they will do if the film receives an R rating, their Dimension Films imprint picked up the U.S. distribution rights to Wild Oats, the company announced Monday.

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Directed by Howard Deutch (Pretty in Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful), the film stars Shirley MacLaine as a retiree who enlists her best friend (Jacki Weaver) to go on a road trip to Las Vegas after she mistakenly receives a Social Security check for $900,000. Alan Arkin (The Muppets) co-stars in the comedy, which was written by Gary Kanew and Claudia Myers (The War Inside).

“Howard Deutch has directed some great classics and the cast is extraordinary,” Bob Weinstein said Monday via press release. “This is a clever and offbeat comedy that is sure to entertain.”

Dimension primarily distributes the Weinstein Company’s genre films, including Grindhouse, Spy Kids, and the entries in the Scream series.

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