Porn Shoots to Skinny-Dipping Stars: The Wild Things Top Hollywood Real Estate Agents See

Illustration by: Stephen Collins

A four-way and a Burning Man-themed house party are just some of the situations these veterans have encountered at homes they've brokered over the years.

Inspired by a season nine episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm in which Jeff Garlin’s character carries on an affair with a real estate agent with their trysts taking place at various listings, THR asked each of this year’s top agents a simple question: what is the most scandalous or strangest thing that has happened at one of your listings? What follows are just a few of the stories.

"I was showing Shelley Winters some houses — she'd been looking for almost a decade — and we came to one, which she seemed to like," recalls Joyce Rey. "When we got to the pool area she said she wanted to try out the water. She was wearing a muumuu with nothing on underneath and she just slipped it off and dove in! The other Realtor there was a man and so after a few minutes I said to him, 'Don't just stand there, go and get her a towel!' She swam a few laps, got out, and sure enough, I sold her the house."

"I had a listing and told the seller that I'd be there at 12 p.m.," says Stephen Shapiro. "I got into the house with the other broker and client and when we got to the master bedroom the door was closed — but I was told no one was home. Well, when I opened the door the guy was there with three women in his bed. I don't usually stutter — but I did that day."

"I had a listing on a large house in Beverly Hills and the owners' kids were living there," says Rochelle Maize. "I let them know I had a showing and they said they had some people over, but it'd be fine. We start to walk the property, and the kids are doing a porno photo shoot by the pool! I'm like, 'Hey, what's going on?' They go, 'Oh, we're just doing a photo shoot. No big deal.' It was a $30 million mansion. For them, it was just another day."

"I was showing a house in the Bird Streets at 11 a.m. and when I got there, there were two naked girls and a bottle of vodka in the pool cabana," recalls Rayni Williams. "I asked if the seller was there, and he walks out, also totally naked. I mentioned that I had a showing and he was like, 'It's all good. Do your thing,' and then put his feet up on the table. I didn't show the house, but if [it was] the right demo maybe they could've gotten a kick out of it."

"We had a listing where the owner threw a massive Burning Man-themed house party. We got an offer shortly after but the seller had disappeared — went completely AWOL," says David Parnes. "To this day, he has not resurfaced. He must have had a really fun time at that party."

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