Wilders won't screen 'Fitna' because of costs


AMSTERDAM -- Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders on Tuesday canceled the March 28 news conference for his anti-Islam short "Fitna."

Wilder, who had planned to air the short film at a news conference at the Nieuwspoort press center in the Hague, said that paying for the necessary safety measures -- a reported $350,000 -- is too expensive a proposition.

On Tuesday, Wilders went on Dutch national TV to express his fear that a public presentation of his film might be impossible.

"Apparently, you have to be a millionaire to organize such an event," Wilders said. The politician stressed that his film still will be showing on his recently launched Internet site. "The sooner, the better," he added.

To date, no Dutch broadcaster has been willing to show an uncut version of "Fitna."