Will Arnett, Jason Bateman address New Front

Actors among speakers at Internet Week NY event

NEW YORK -- Martha Stewart, Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Lisa Kudrow and Teri Hatcher were among the speakers and panelists at the third annual Digital Content New Front event here Wednesday.

The audience and celebrity speakers posted tweets that were displayed on the walls of the main room through a live stream during the event, a part of Internet Week NY.

"I was trying to tweet, but Twitter was having an error," Stewart joked.

"What a shock," journalist Kara Swisher quipped in reply.

Twitter had been suffering from a service outage on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Arnett and Bateman entertained the audience with playful banter while pitching their new sponsor-driven production company DumbDumb.

Bateman noted that the style of online content must be different from television. "You have to be a little more obvious with humor on television," he said. "On the Internet, they're willing to find the funny. That's the stuff that makes us laugh a little bit more. People are more predisposed to find that or look for that online."