Will Arnett, Jason Bateman debut first ad

Duo's DumbDumb produced digital shorts for Orbit gum

NEW YORK -- Will Arnett and Jason Bateman unveiled the first commercial Web short of their sponsor-driven production and ad firm DumbDumb here Thursday night at the firm's official launch party.

The edgy video for Wrigley's Orbit chewing gum drew many laughs and some gasps.
It is part of a series of branded digital shorts that see the gum clean up "dirty situations."

On the crowded ground floor of the headquarters of Barry Diller's IAC, Ben Silverman introduced the comedic duo in the presence of Zach Galifianakis, CollegeHumor's Ricky Van Veen and other colleagues, partners and friends. The event was part of Internet Week NY.

Silverman's content studio Electus, housed at IAC, struck an exclusive partnership with DumbDumb earlier this year.

Silverman, using a cane because of a foot injury, introduced Bateman and Arnett as "the funniest guys around" before looking around at other comic talent in the room and quipping: "They're pretty good."

Bateman and Arnett took to the microphone to a loud ovation, and the latter joked that a few months ago "we tricked Ben." Bateman added that Silverman and his colleagues "made a big mistake, but we got a party out of it."

Then they screened their first DumbDumb creation. The digital short for Orbit started with the caption "Dirty Shorts" and the title "The Prom Date."

Bateman was shown as a conservative father of a young woman (Aubrey Plaza of "Parks and Recreation") awaiting her prom date. "He is not some boy. He's my soul mate," she says, drawing early laughs from the crowd.

The mustached date Skip (Arnett) arrives and introduces himself to father and mother. He  is identified by the father as his daughter's social studies teacher.

"Sometimes she does like to let me play student, too," Skip replies to the father. "Sometimes it's kind of hard to know who is teaching...is it 'who' or 'whom'?"

The parents take gum, and Skip asks for one as well, arguing it is good to "freshen up the old kiss hole." The parents reply they took the last pieces of gum.

As the parents chew, they start relaxing and suddenly start appreciating Skip's maturity. They don't even mind when Skip asks: "What time do I need to bring recently legal back?"

Then the father pulls out another piece of gum after all, and Skip takes and chews it, which transforms him, too. At the end, he decides to take the young woman to the prom and find her "a nice boy your own age," and Skip and the parents exchange compliments.

The video ends with Orbit's slogan: "A good clean feeling no matter what."