Watch Will Arnett Interview 'Gong Show' Host "Tommy Maitland"

Arnett, who is filling in for Jimmy Kimmel, spoke with Maitland, who is believed to be Mike Myers in character.

Will Arnett is one of the guest hosts of Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, covering for Kimmel while he is out on paternity leave, helping to take care of his newborn son as he recovers from open-heart surgery.

Arnett, who hosted Tuesday night's show, took the opportunity to plug his upcoming reboot of The Gong Show, which he is executive producing for ABC. Tommy Maitland is the host of the Sony reboot, and he is widely believed to be Mike Myers in character, although there has not been any confirmation if that is in fact the case.

Maitland was in the audience ready to be interviewed by Arnett on Tuesday night, joining the guest host on stage.

“I love America. You’re fantastic, you are," said the British Maitland, who said he just got off the plane. "You’re like a giant love popsicle and I want to eat you all the way to the stick."

He added that in America, someone like Arnett can make it "so big here" even though he looks like a "cross between George Hamilton and a Crest White Strip."

"Do you find him sexy?" Maitland asked the audience. "In England we don't find him sexy." He joked that Arnett's nickname in England is "Mr. Hand Sanitizer," adding the punchline, "Three pumps and a squirt."

The Gong Show host thanked Arnett for giving an "old man" like him "a break and a chance" and then excused himself to go use the toilet.

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