Will Ferrell Assails Strangers with Christmas Trivia on 'Billy on the Street'

Will Ferrell and Billy Eichner on 'Billy on the Street'

"Which is better — gold, frankincense or myrhh?"

Will Ferrell and Billy Eichner take the New York City sidewalks by storm in a new clip from Billy on the Street. Clad in festive onesie pajamas, the two bombard strangers, offering a dollar for the correct answer to a Christmas trivia question.

But despite their playful duds, Ferrell and Eichner are all business, demanding answers to questions like: "Which is better — gold, frankincense or myrhh?" and "Which is a better movie, Scrooged or Elf?" (Clearly, Ferrell and Eichner disagree on this one.)

As the two question — or rather assault — passersby, some seem to recognize Ferrell ("It's enough of a present that I'm meeting you in person," one guy says to Ferrell when the duo try to pawn off the gift of a bale of hay), while others — in typical BOTS fashion — are genuinely perplexed.

"Who's the best in the movie Elf?" Eichner demands from one wide-eyed woman, who can't quite come up with the name of the elf Ferrell played.

"I'm right here!" Ferrell yells in despair. "I'm right here!"

Watch the full clip below.