Will Ferrell Focus Groups Himself on 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'

Will Ferrell-Jerry Seinfeld - Comedians in Cars _ H 2016

"I usually don't like Will Ferrell," Ferrell intoned in his best dude-at-a-focus group voice. "But in this one — he wasn't bad. He usually gets on my nerves."

In the latest episode of Crackle's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld picked up Will Ferrell at a playground in a bright blue 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner SuperBird (complete with a Road Runner decal on the fin). "What other car is based on a cartoon?" said Seinfeld. "It's funny, it's happy, it's silly." Which is why, he explains, it's the perfect car for Will Ferrell.

The two comedy legends tool around on the roads and hit the Venice Beach Boardwalk for some coffee and Greek food. Amidst riffing on the state of Greece's economy, why actors bother to go by their full names when clearly no one uses them and L.A.'s rain-induced sewage overflow, Ferrell revealed a few funny things about himself as a dad, an actor and a working man before the comedy thing took off.

As Seinfeld and Ferrell swung side-by-side on a swing set, Ferrell revealed that his oldest son has just applied to middle school. And apparently the sixth grader has got the private school admissions interview nailed.

"He's such a good politician," Ferrell said in amazement. "Oh, he'll talk about — 'I like the inclusive nature of your school. … I like what your mission statement says.' I'm like, 'Who is this kid?!' "

Ferrell himself wishes he'd taken a different tact during the interview. "I should have had a cigar … and kept ignoring them when they said you can't smoke in here. ... 'Mr. Ferrell, for the last time, we're going to ask you to put the cigar out.' "

The Zoolander 2 actor also told Seinfeld that he really hasn't seen a lot of movies and doesn't exactly know why. Among the ones he's missed: Whiplash, Fruitvale Station, even Captain Phillips and Gravity.

To which Seinfeld quipped, "I would love to be the one guy that didn't see Gravity."

As they sat down to eat at a Venice cafe, Ferrell joked of Jerry's choice, "I like a place with a lot of items on a menu. Because you know they do them all beautifully."

As they ate, Seinfeld pressed a sensitive Ferrell on the issue that's on every Hollywood actor's mind (apparently even these two): body image.

Seinfeld gently probed, "What would you really want to look like?" Ferrell covered his face and revealed that he weighs about 218 pounds, and while he'd love to be 200, it's probably not going to happen: "I have to work out just to look fat. That's the problem."

Ferrell also revealed that he was a bank teller for a little while long before he was an actor. "I would recruit the people at the bank to come see my stand-up comedy — I had a little moment of trying stand-up," Ferrell explained. "And I remember one manager saw a flyer I put up in the break room. And she was like, 'You do comedy? I'd like to see that!' And just walked out."

He clearly got the last word with that woman, but Ferrell revealed that he still can't watch focus group responses to his movies before launching into an extended impression of focus group questions and commentary. "I usually don't like Will Ferrell," Ferrell intoned in his best dude-at-a-focus group voice. "But in this one — he wasn't bad. He usually gets on my nerves."

Then the two comedians in the car, having had coffee, proceeded to focus group their own conversation — on a scale of 1 to 10, of course.

"It's a zero," said Seinfeld.

"Zero? OK, we'll put you down as 'one,' " Ferrell laughed.