Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly Promote Moustache Growth for Movember Foundation

The 'Holmes and Watson' stars offer a number of moustache "facts" in a new promo for the charitable organization aimed at raising awareness for men's health.

Holmes and Watson stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are serious about facial hair. 

In a new video promoting the Movember Foundation — a global organization that raises awareness and funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention — the actors show off their moustaches and encourage others to grow them as part of Giving Tuesday and the month-long movement to raise awareness. 

"You do have a Movember moustache, don't you?" Ferrell asks. "I mean, what kind of idiot doesn't have a moustache?"

"Seriously, fellas, ladies — it's 2018. Everyone has to grow a moustache," Reilly adds.

The duo then turns to a book labeled "Moustache Facts" to share some little-known tidbits about the fashionable upper-lip hairstyle. 

"Bucking broncos be no more," Reilly reads. "A moustache will allow you to ride any and all horses."

"Hope you're thirsty, because with a moustache, restaurants have to give you a free soda," Ferrell says. 

Other "facts" offered by the pair include cats sharing the "secrets of their species" with moustachioed individuals and the freedom to drive in the carpool lane while sporting a moustache.

For those who can't grow a moustache, Ferrell and Reilly offer alternatives to help out the Movember Foundation by donating at the organization's website. The foundation's goal is to raise $1 million on Tuesday. Movember next plans to launch the 50 Million Men campaign in 2019.

The video ends with Ferrell playing a "boogie-woogie" tune on the French horn.