'Anchorman 2' Star Will Ferrell to Mexico: 'Show Us Where the Oil Is'

Will Ferrell
Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

Despite showing up nearly everywhere else as Ron Burgundy, Will Ferrell dressed up as himself for Anchorman 2's U.S. premiere in New York.

The actor visited Mexico City on Tuesday to promote "Anchorman 2."

MEXICO CITY -- On their latest promo stop for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Will Ferrell and co-star David Koechner said they'd come for Mexico's oil.

When asked why studios and talent are showing more interest lately in plugging Hollywood films in Mexico, Ferrell told local media that the Mexican market is growing in importance.

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"It's also because of the large oil reserves here in Mexico," Koechner said in jest. "We'd like you to give it to us as friends because I don't know if you've noticed, but sometimes when the United States has a thirst for oil, they just take it."

Ferrell took the cue.

"David and I are going to start drilling for oil on our own," he said. "If anyone knows where any of the oil is, would you tell us? If we find oil in the next 24 hours, we're getting out of comedy."

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Paramount has made a massive worldwide promotional push for the Anchorman sequel after the first installment grossed only $5 million abroad. The strategy appears to be paying off: Anchorman 2 has already earned north of $40 million in foreign markets.

The promotional campaign made headlines in Sweden when Ferrell's Ron Burgundy character riffed on a court decision legalizing masturbation, and it drew attention in Australia when he described Prime Minister Tony Abbott's skimpy bathing suit as a "banana hammock."

Anchorman 2 hits Mexican theaters Friday.