Will Ferrell Named Part Owner of L.A. Football Club

Victoria Will/Invision/AP

"This is not a joke," Ferrell, who is listed as one of 26 co-owners, said during a press conference Thursday.

Will Ferrell has translated his love for the game of soccer as an investor in the Los Angeles Football Club.

During a news conference at Union Station on Thursday, the soccer club revealed its crest and color scheme and announced the comedian's role as part owner.

"This is not a joke," Ferrell said, sporting a scarf embroidered with the soccer club's gold crest.

"I am actually a member of this fine ownership group and it is very exciting. I've never been a part owner of anything. I'm still part owner of an '84 Toyota Camry with my brother," he quipped.

"It is thrilling to see a turnout like this and to already see a fan base developing," the actor told cheering fans before sharing about his personal love for soccer. "I started playing in the mean streets of Irvine, California when I was 8-years-old," Ferrell said, who later went on to play club soccer.

He said his wife, actress Viveca Paulin, played soccer at Pomona college and that his three sons are each involved in the sport: "To say that soccer is a part of our lives is an understatement."

Ferrell is listed as one of 26 co-owners on the club's website.