Will Ferrell in Obama Ad: 'I Will Eat Garbage if You Vote' (Video)

Will Ferrell Obama Ad - 2012 H

The comedian is willing to do anything, from giving people tattoos to cooking meals, in exchange for them going to the polls Nov. 6

Will Ferrell really, really wants you to vote. In a new video from the Obama campaign, the comedian is offering to cook you angel hair pasta, give you a tattoo or eat garbage if you go to the polls.

The video, posted Saturday on the YouTube Channel of President Obama’s reelection campaign, features a pool-shooting Ferrell dressed in a smoking jacket adorned with an Obama 2012 pin.

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“I will do anything to get you to go out and vote November sixth. I’m not kidding,” he says. “You need a guy to help you move a couch? Done. I even have my own van.”

After doing a dance, he says “That was just a taste. If you want the full buffet, you’re going to have to vote.”

Ferrell helped raise funds for Obama in 2008, and co-hosted a $38,000 a person fundraiser for the president in February. Watch the video below.