Will Ferrell Reprises His George W. Bush Impression for '@Midnight'

Will Ferrell as George W. Bush on '@midnight'

Bush made an appearance to talk about "that disgraced pumpkin Donald Trump."

Will Ferrell brought back his SNL impression of former President George W. Bush as a special segment on @Midnight on Tuesday. 

Host Chris Hardwick introduced Bush, "here to represent the small but formidable voting block of former presidents."

After shaking hands with panelists Mary Lynn Rajskub, David Koechner and Brandon Johnson, Bush (Ferrell) took the stage as part of the Comedy Central show's “Voter Voices” segment.

Bush first wanted to make a statement about his cousin, Billy Bush. "Him and that disgraced pumpkin Donald Trump, talking on that bus. And I just want to say one thing. We Bushes don’t act like that, OK? We have standards. And we’re raised a certain way. And we would never, under any circumstances, ride a bus.”

“When you’re a Bush, you ride in a limousine or a jet,” he explained, "or maybe a monster truck called Sasquatch Express.”

Hardwick pushed Bush to reveal who he supports in the election, but the politician was hesitant to make a decision. “This dunderhead is making me look great,” he said. Because of “this bozo,” he continued, critics have forgotten about him. 

But on the other hand, said Bush, Trump is a "dangerous man" who Bush says mistakenly believes the election is "rigged." “The only thing that’s rigged is that stuffed Chupacabra on top of his head,” he said, “I don’t know how he keeps it on there but I sure hope Hillary knocks it off.” 

So, would he endorse Hillary Clinton?

Bush avoided endorsing either Clinton or Trump: “I’m not the decider, Chris."

“If Trump takes this thing, Laura and I have a very comfortable underground bunker we can move to.” He said that he will be down there “while society gets overrun with wild dogs and racists. My advice is don’t let that happen, America. Don’t let that sack of rotten sweet potatoes anywhere near the White House.”  

Watch the full clip below.