Will Ferrell Thinks Fast and Out-Mustaches Jimmy Fallon

Courtesy of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Will Ferrell says the sun is so hot because it's yellow as he faced off with the 'Tonight Show' host in a quick-answer competition.

Will Ferrell was pumped to play "Think Fast" with Jimmy Fallon on Monday, as they took turns drawing cards with random questions and being quick to answer the queries.

"Why is the sun so hot?" asked Fallon. "Uh, yellow," said Ferrell. The actor also responded with fast answers about Jon Hamm being 59, birds being made out of plastic and Elvis' first word being "peacock."

During his turn, Fallon said a duck weighed 12 pounds, the children are hiding in the basement and his juicy secret is shampoo.

Ferrell also tried to out-mustache Fallon with his own "summer of 'stache" fake facial hair. "I've been growing this for almost a week at least," said Ferrell, telling Fallon not to say it looks fake. "It's full of wisdom, it's a wise mustache," said the actor. 

Watch the two joke around below.


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