Will Ferrell, Will Forte Trash Talk Before USC-UCLA Rivalry Football Game

Will Forte Vs Will Ferrell - H 2011
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Will Forte Vs Will Ferrell - H 2011

THR hears from the famous Trojan and Bruin alums preparing for Saturday's big game.

The industry is, as usual, abuzz over the impending USC-UCLA match-up on Nov. 26 at the Coliseum. As THR reports in this week's print edition, Trojan and Bruin ties have long run deep, whether in front of the camera or in the studios' executive offices.

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USC grads include George Lucas, Judd Apatow and Bryan Lourd, while UCLA grads range from Francis Ford Coppola and Stacey Snider to Jack Black. Two more alums just couldn't help but spar when it came to talking about the opposing schools in our story on L.A.'s crosstown collegiate rivalry:

"I don't really associate with USC fans. A certain type of person goes there -- they aren't good people. They're very entitled, the type of person that will not hold the door for an old woman. They'll intentionally walk a blind person into traffic. That's what you're working with at that school."

"It's funny -- ever since USC surpassed UCLA in the U.S. News & World Report rankings, there's been an edginess among the Bruin faithful. We have always maintained athletic dominance, and now that we have academic superiority, you just feel sorry for people who have anything to do with UCLA."