Will Ferrell's Most Outrageous TV Characters (Video)

SNL Cheerleaders - H 2015

The 'Get Hard' comedian made his mark on 'Saturday Night Live' and 'The Office.'

Will Ferrell may be a big-screen star, but he hasn't shied away from returning to his TV roots. In honor of Get Hard hitting theaters, it's time to look back at some of those TV roles he's also famous for.

For the sake of getting some non-Saturday Night Live characters in there, we've limited those to three. 

The Spartan Cheerleaders

Along with Cheri Oteri, Ferrell made up half of the cheerleading squad that nobody wanted around. The Saturday Night Live mainstay was a hit, so much so that Oteri recently recalled being blown away when she saw Spartans magnets at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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The Dodge Stratus guy

Though he seemed mild mannered, this father has major anger management problems, and spends way too much time bragging about his car. In addition to giving a shout-out to his Dodge Stratus, he also once shouted, "I have a covered parking spot for my Mitsubishi Galant!"

George W. Bush

Ferrell earned much acclaim for playing the 43rd president, even parlaying it into a Broadway show and an HBO special, You're Welcome America: A Final Night With George W. Bush.

DeAngelo Vickers

After Michael Scott (Steve Carell) left Dunder Mifflin, the woefully unqualified DeAngelo took over his position for an arc lasting a few episodes.

Ashley Schaeffer

On HBO's Eastbound and Down, Ferrell played car dealership magnate and Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) enemy Ashley Schaeffer for five episodes from 2009-12.