Where to Get the 'Make America Gay Again' Hat From 'Will & Grace'

NBC's '90s sitcom returned Thursday night after 11 years with more than one Trump jab.

After 11 years, NBC's Will & Grace returned to the small screen Thursday night, with the first episode taking on the Trump administration.

It's not surprising that the sitcom's original cast — Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes — went political for its long-awaited return; the stars reunited last year for a video in support of then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that was released hours ahead of the first presidential debate.

"There's a lot of tension in the air, so there's a lot of things to write and there are a lot of reasons to make an audience laugh," Will & Grace co-creator Max Mutchnick told THR about how they had planned to mine President Donald Trump for both tension and comedy throughout the season.

On Thursday's premiere, from a bag of Cheetos meant to represent the president's skin color to the Russian-English dictionary found in the show's Oval Office replica, the series didn't hold back the Trump references. Trump voter Karen (Mullally) also spoofed Kellyanne Conway's infamous sofa-kneeling photo during the show's White House visit.

Another jab that was hard to miss? The red hat that Grace (Messing) leaves in the Oval at one point as her way of silently protesting. Instead of its usual phrase of Trump's campaign slogan, however, the cap read "Make America Gay Again," which made the Twittersphere light up with comments. "That Make America Gay Again Hat will certainly get Trump tweeting and Repubs boycotting. Bravo," read one tweet.

By the time the moment aired, the show was topping the list of Twitter trends. The episode also dominated the night in ratings and was watched by a large audience of 10 million viewers.

As for the hat, it can be purchased at the Human Rights Campaign's website for $26 should you want to wear one during the next episode.