Will Melania Trump Bring Back the "Pussy Bow" Trend?

The Pussy Bow and Melania Trump -Getty- H 2016
Scott Olson/Getty Images

The style once favored by Nancy Reagan was most recently seen on Donald Trump's wife, who wore a pink Gucci top during the second presidential debate.

The “pussy bow,” which refers to the late-1800s trend of tying bows around cats’ necks, was used to soften tailoring later favored by Nancy Reagan.

“That style projected a conservative, age-appropriate look,” says Rush Jenkins, a curator who worked with the first lady’s wardrobe. Recently, Chloe and Gucci made versions, the latter of which adorned Melania Trump during the second presidential debate — a misstep, considering she wore the style amid a discussion about her husband Donald’s vulgar use of the term’s first word in 2005.

But will she make the look more or less popular? “I don’t think she has that power,” says Jenkins. Stylist Jamie Mizrahi (her clients include Katy Perry) wasn’t amused, captioning an Instagram of the top: “Melania’s stylist should be fired.”

Jenkins gets in a last meow: “It’s interesting that Melania would wear what a former first lady known for style and class wore. I don’t know if that reflects who Melania really is. In my opinion, it is more of an attempt to be something she is not.”

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