Watch Bomba Estereo and Will Smith's "Fiesta (Remix)" Video

Will Smith in the video for "Fiesta (Remix)"

After the rapper, who made his return to music with the track, delivers a few bilingual bars about finding "a Sofia Vergara" on the dance floor, an epic carnival begins.

Bomba Estereo and Will Smith's new video for "Fiesta (Remix)" is all the party you need to start your weekend right. Set in what looks like an abandoned warehouse, the clip starts off on a somewhat ominous note, with a mysterious caped figure (perhaps the Fresh Prince himself) walking through dark hallways as the Colombian electro-pop outfit's Latin, urban-flavored song "Caderas" plays in the background.

That's when it gets good, with Li Saumet sitting pretty on a throne, singing to a crowd of seductive bodies in feathered costumes and neon face paint. Then Smith sprinkles in a few bilingual bars about finding "a Sofia Vergara" on the dance floor. What ensues from there is an epic carnival, dripping with bass and champeta.

Directed by Carlos Perez, the video debuted exclusively through Apple Music.

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