Will Smith Makes Flashy, Dance-Filled Entrances on 'Tonight Show'

Will Smith Tonight Show H 2016
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Will Smith Tonight Show H 2016

The 'Suicide Squad' repeatedly aimed to perfect the moment with a gospel choir and a makeshift unicorn.

Will Smith knows the value of a big entrance.

That's why on Thursday's Tonight Show, the Suicide Squad star made not one, not two, but four big ones until he got it just right.

The first time Big Willie did the usual point, clap and wave, which was fine. But he knew he could top it. In an unusual move, he asked host Jimmy Fallon if he could have a redo.

"That was good, ... that's a really, really good introduction ... they seem excited, but I think I can do it better," Smith said. "They deserve a better entrance than that."

So, Smith ducked back behind the blue curtain and gave it one more shot. Fallon cued him up again and Smith rolled out in a giant Zorb plastic ball, nearly taking out The Roots in the process.

Not bad. He felt a "little bit better" about that one, but the consummate showman felt the crowd still deserved something bigger. "I gotta GIVE IT to 'em," Smith told Fallon. And he did, two more times, with the final effort impressing the studio audience most.

Watch the video below.

This article originally appeared on Billboard.com.