Willam Shatner to Receive Canada's 'GG' Tribute

Shatner and fellow Canuck Howard Shore to receive lifetime artistic achievement awards in Ottawa.

TORONTO – It’s not tea with the Queen, but the next best thing.

Fellow Canadians William Shatner and Oscar-winning composer Howard Shore are to be honored by Canada’s governor general, the British monarch’s representative in Canada, with lifetime artistic achievement awards.

Montreal-born Shatner will receive his “GG” for a career spanning six decades, and which included playing Captain James Kirk on the Star Trek TV series and his current gig headlining the CBS sitcom Shit May Dad Says.

And composer Shore will be honored for his work on J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings film trilogy and his collaborations with Canuck director David Cronenberg.

In addition, Canadian director Denis Villeneuve will receive the 2011 National Arts Centre Award for his recent movie work, which includes the Oscar-nominated Incendies.

The GG tributes will be handed out on May 14 in Ottawa.